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5 Pro Tips for Planning Your Next Holiday Party

The holidays are fast approaching and with the holidays comes planning those yearly parties that the whole neighborhood loves. While this year might be a little different, due to COVID-19 concerns and restrictions, you still have a party to plan and people to entertain. Whether you’re hosting your first annual Christmas party or fulfilling a long tradition, the key to success is in the planning.

From creating and sticking to a budget to making sure your plumbing is up to the task, and from dampening the noise coming from your party to make sure it doesn’t irritate the neighbors to glamming up your own look with gorgeous mink lashes, there’s a lot you can do to make your holiday party a roaring success, and still, be able to have fun at it at the same time. In this article, you’ll find a few pro tips for planning your next holiday party the right way, and in style.

Keep the sound contained.

While your holiday party may be the talk of the town, it’s highly possible that some of your neighbors might not like the noise coming from your house. You can take steps to avoid their complaining by having sound proof panels installed in your home. Whether you put them in the music room as an acoustic panel or just use them to dampen the sound coming out of the living room, there are many colors, styles, and textures to choose from if you order from the right site.


Sound absorption is key when it comes to having a party during the holidays. The last thing you want is the police showing up at your house because of a reported noise disturbance. Make sure that you soundproof your home so your party can go on in style and still not bother the neighbors. You already know that sound transmission can carry, so do the right thing and purchase soundproof panels before your party begins, so that sound absorption is complete, leaving you to party the night away.

Consider your plumbing.

When it comes to throwing a party, your plumbing is going to take a bit of a beating, according to how many people you invite. You, of course, want clean water for your dishes and a working dishwasher for all of the dirty dishes, plus no one wants a clog in the sinks or toilets in the middle of a party. You also want to ensure that your water heater is at optimum working levels and that your pipes are capable of handling a large number of people in your home all at once. The last thing you want is to have to call in an emergency plumber in the middle of your party, for some plumbing issue that could have easily been avoided. Plumbing problems are the last thing you need when trying to celebrate the holidays with family and friends.


The best way to ensure that your drains and sewer lines are in good working order is to call in a reputable plumbing company for an inspection. If you’re in Texas, you should know that there are many plumbing Mesquite TX plumbers who will be willing to come out and inspect your plumbing, drainage pipes, and sewer lines for you. Make sure that you find a plumber in TX with great customer service so that they will work you in before the holiday rush begins, especially if you’re in need of water heater installation before the party starts.

Glam it up.

You want to look only your very best at the holiday party of the season, which means you shouldn’t be afraid to glam it up. You can glam up your clothes, but you should also to dazzle everyone with your makeup and hair as well. One way to do that is with Glamnetic eyelashes. The fake lashes are lightweight and come with a lash applicator. You can get the medium length, short or long magnetic lashes, as well as mink lash options. You can also add to the glamour if you enjoy wearing eyeliner with magnetic eyeliner options as well. Use the glide brush tip to apply your eyeliner, then attach the lashes to the magnetic liner. Your lashes will be sure to impress everyone at the party.


The first time you use any type of magnetic eyelashes or eyeliner you should talk to your primary care provider to make sure it’s the right choice for you, especially if you have a pre-existing eye condition. If you experience redness, have allergies, or irritation, it’s important to seek medical attention with any product that you use around the eye area. You also want to keep your magnetic eyeliner and magnetic eyelash products out of reach of children who may be at your party. When taking off your eyeliner and lashes, you should make sure to use clean water and makeup remover for optimum results.

Create a budget.


Though you may want to go all out on your holiday party from the best fake lashes and the sound wave insulators, you also need to create a budget for the party. Now that you’ve talked to a plumber and determined that everything from your water heater to your faucets and shower are in good working order it’s time to start planning your party. Start by sitting down and creating a budget that includes food, great entertainment with great sound quality, and any decorations you want to include. Once you’ve created that budget, stick to it. After all, though your holiday party is important, it’s also important to have money for decorations and Christmas gifts after the party is done.

Work with an audiovisual company.


You’ve already sprung for the highest quality acoustic panels so that your event space is soundproof, so now you need to get in touch with an audiovisual company that can provide the sound you want. Whether it’s sound waves from Christmas music or your favorite rock band, you want the sound to be amazing. Remember, great sound and lighting can take your event to the next level as nothing else can.

Dress it up.

You’ve already planned the party, taken care of any plumbing issues you had, and purchased some magnetic liner, plus magnetic eyelashes so you don’t have to deal with that messy glue that traditional fake lashes come with during the holidays. Now it’s time to decide what you’re going to wear to your holiday party. The same old, same old doesn’t apply when it comes to dressing up for the holidays. You want greens, reds, and golds, but you also don’t want to blend into the Christmas decorations either.


Anything you wear will be amazing, but you want to look great, so you want to wear something other than jeans and a tee-shirt. A nice holiday dress in greens and golds, paired with a pair of strappy gold heels should do the trick. Don’t forget to add some sparkly eyeshadow to the mix to go along with your luxe lash products. Make sure to put some eyeshadow at the corner of your eyes and you’ll look better than anyone at the party.

Don’t forget to have fun.

Sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up in the planning of a holiday party that you forget to have fun while doing it. All the plumbing fixing and magnetic eyelashes out there aren’t going to make you feel better if you’re overwhelmed and stressed out. So put on your liner and scrappy gold heels, and have the time of your life this Christmas season.


These are just a few pro tips for planning your next holiday party. Make sure to take care of any plumbing problems you might have, check into sound absorption with soundproof panels, and to order your magnetic eyelashes and magnetic liner well in advance of the big day, and you’ll be fine. Relax, plan your party well, then have fun with your family and friends this holiday season.