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5 Ways to Safely Store Your Guns

Gun safety is a must when considering adding to your collection. Any gun owner knows the value of serious attention to safety, but as your collection grows, how can you ensure that each weapon you own is safely and responsibly placed out of reach of small hands or inexperienced users? The truth is, there are countless ways to responsibly keep your weapons out of the hand of those who shouldn’t have access to them.

Some are large-scale solutions that work for the most discerning collectors. Others are perfect solutions for the small-time collector or professional gun owner who just needs to keep his or her sidearm secured while off duty. No matter the need, there is a perfect place that suits your needs, you just need to decide on the method of storage that works best.

Gun Safe

Large collectors often prefer to store their weapons in a gun safe. A large safe for shotguns, rifles, and even handguns can be fitted in your garage or closet and offers maximum security when keeping your family safe from the threat of unintended discharge. Gun safes are simply state of the art, they can be found in varieties that appear like a typical safe, or with thick glass that offers your collection as a talking piece in the corner of the living room. These types are particularly popular with hunters who want to display their favorite weapons while also maintaining easy and importantly safe access to them.

Protective Casing


Gun cases often come with locking mechanisms, so a simple over under shotgun case for your favorite clay pigeon weapon can easily do the trick. This way, your barrel can remain locked away while you retain easy access. You can even bring it to the range inside of its safety container, ensuring zero mishaps from storage to use.

Trigger Locks

Many manufacturers make steel locks that fit to your weapon’s trigger assembly, ensuring that it cannot be fired while the lock remains in place. If you haven’t installed a safe or only carry your guns in a soft case, this can work as an elegant solution. They typically come with a key, so unlocking is easy for you, and impossible for others.

The trigger lock may be the perfect solution for single gun owners just looking to secure their service weapon or hobby piece. They are inexpensive accessories that can be found at nearly any outdoor shop in your area and sometimes are even included as specials alongside additional purchases.

Self-Storage Units

Another perfect place to store your weapons is outside the home altogether. A simple search for “self storage Tempe” will provide you with all the locations in your area where self-storage is easy and your belongings can be kept safe. Keeping weapons, especially those you don’t often use, offsite can help you keep a handle on the security of your gun collection.

Guns temporarily out of reach cannot be fired, so regardless of the additional measures you employ to maintain your weapons—locking hard gun cases, trigger locks, or others—you can be sure that those weapons are not fireable until you decide they should be.

Separate the Ammo


If all else fails, the most important thing is to be diligent in keeping ammo away from the firearms that fire it. Ensuring that these components are never stored in the same place will assist greatly in the safe storage of the guns themselves. A gun without a bullet is a heavy paperweight but put the two together without the right supervision and you are in for trouble.

No matter the way you choose to secure your weapons, safety should always be the first priority. Picking the right solution that works for you and your family doesn’t have to be difficult considering all the different options that exist for gun owners.