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6 Great Gifts for New Restaurateurs

Starting a food service business is no mean feat. It requires a lot of time, money, and hard work. So, if you know a restaurateur, why not send them something special? This is a great way to congratulate them on what they’ve achieved so far.

But, here’s the thing: More often than not, we find ourselves in a dilemma regarding what to buy. You don’t want to purchase something they already own or don’t need. In that vein, here are six ideal gift items for a new restaurateur.

1. Choose high-quality kitchen utensils.


You can’t go wrong with kitchen utensils since restaurateurs need them for optimal operation. If you want to make a good impression, take this initiative and purchase something they’ll find useful. Don’t know where to get quality cookware? Don’t fret, GoFoodservice has got all bases covered.

GoFoodservice is a restaurant supply store that offers wholesale restaurant equipment. This online retail store makes shopping for restaurant supplies a pleasant experience. Regardless of the type of restaurant equipment you need, they have an efficient team in place to prepare your order. They also offer a wide range of products ranging from small ware, ice machines, furniture, and janitorial supplies.

2. Spice up their restaurant with some greenery.


Regardless of the occasion, plant gifts send a thoughtful and personalized message to the recipient. More so, gifting a plant is a subtle way of saying that the business will thrive and flourish. What’s more, plants are perfect for a restaurant setting as they bind dust and filter pollutants from the air in the dining room. Among other things, they also absorb carbon dioxide and convert it into oxygen.

However, when choosing a plant for a restaurant, try to keep away from flower bouquets. They are cliché and may not leave the sort of impression you want. Rather, a stunning exotic plant that matches the restaurant décor will leave a more lasting impression.

That being said, if you don’t have the green thumb to choose plants, many online floral shops can help. One good example is the Lively Root shop that sells plant gifts like cacti and bonsai plants. They have an extensive indoor plant assortment, and you can choose from options such as a potted plant, green plant, flowering succulent, houseplant, and snake plant.

3. Create a first dollar frame.


Some restaurateurs mark the beginning of their foodservice business by keeping the first dollar they earned. Chances are, your restaurateur friend might fall into this category and cherish the idea of having some memorabilia. You can get them a quality frame display, if possible, one that matches the restaurant’s décor. Additionally, you can hire a professional to add an inscription on the frame, indicating the restaurant’s name and opening date. This is the perfect gift for the savvy business owner.

4. Diversify their cooking skills with a great cookbook.


With a classic cookbook, you’re exposing your friend to more delightful recipes. Cookbooks offer restaurateurs an opportunity to try out new recipes, techniques, and combinations when preparing meals. The knowledge one stands to gain from a good cookbook with extensive recipes is unquantifiable.

5. Opt for chef gloves for additional protection.


Chef gloves are a great gift item for a new restaurateur. This is because hand protection is essential for proper hygiene and personal safety. The gloves not only protect the hands from knife cuts and bad smells, but they also offer protection against germs, cold and flu viruses, and food poisoning pathogens.

6. Create a poster and tabletop menu holder.


Poster holders are helpful for business promotion and advertising. They hold signage, artwork, or graphics containing information about the business. What’s more, poster holders make quick impressions on prospective customers. They also offer continuous exposure (as long as they remain standing) and reach a broad audience. So, you can either get some poster holders or a tabletop menu holder.

If you’re looking for the perfect way to choose a great gift for a restaurateur, start with these six ideas. The special people in your life will thank you.