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Are You Ready to Propose? Read This First

Congratulations on meeting your soulmate! Whether you’ve been together since high school or are still in the honeymoon phase, if you’re ready to propose, you’ll want to make it special. Read this first before you take it one step further. This is a memory you’ll both treasure forever, so there are things to consider before popping the question. If you’re looking for creative ideas about how to make your proposal special with no regrets, read on.

The Perfect Ring


Before you run off to Google “engagement rings Maryland“, talk to your future fiance’s friends about what she would consider the perfect engagement ring. This is not only a great way to get to know them better, they will also help you in selecting an engagement ring she’ll treasure forever. If you aren’t sure her friends will be able to keep your secret and contain their excitement, a perfect way to get to know your future in-laws better could be to ask them. You may discover that her family has tradition about the kind of wedding rings people wear and give or that there’s already jewelry in the family you could use to build a custom ring with.

Token Mementos


If you already know you plan to propose at the base of Mount Rushmore or the edge of the ocean, you’ll want to think about small gift ideas as souvenirs for your special proposal day. While she’ll always have the ring to show off and remember, another great gift to give is something smaller like a keepsake or other collectible representing how you asked for her hand in marriage.

Once you know your plan, think about boutiques and little shops in the area that might have a small gift you would add to your proposal. Online stores may work for this purpose too. The idea is to help her start a collection of memories you’ll continue to build together into the future. A mug with your initials on it that represents the coffee shop where you first met, or a candle that only gets lit on special occasions like the anniversary of your wedding or proposal would be great trinkets, too.

The Plan


If you aren’t sure of a plan just yet, think about activities you like to do together. Also, consider her personality. Is she social? Is she more of an introvert? How would she like to be proposed to? Consider how you’ll capture it. Whether it’s hiring a photographer or asking a friend to take a video for you, these are things to think about ahead of time.

Ask yourself the following questions to figure out the perfect proposal plan for both of you:

  • Does she enjoy travel? Is there a place she’s always wanted to go to? You could pop the question there.
  • Do you like to cook together? What about pulling out the ring at the end of a home-cooked meal?
  • Does she enjoy camping? Proposals under the stars are romantic.
  • Does she value family? Would she want them there?
  • Is she thrifty or elaborate? What would she think of your budget?
  • Will you use a gift box or something else to keep the ring in?

The things to think about and questions to ask are really limitless, but the key to the perfect plan is making it memorable and about you. Whether you propose at the place you shared your first kiss or save popping the question for a concert you’ve both looked forward to, make it special.

The Perfect Execution


Know yourself before asking the question. Are you someone who needs a plan or to practice, or are you better when you wing it? Know your partner, too. Would she rather you read a poem you wrote or speak naturally from the heart? The choice is up to you. Consider your options before you take the leap.

No matter how you decide to propose, taking the time ahead of time to get a plan and make popping the question special will be something you won’t regret. For the rest of your lives together, you’ll both remember it. So take a deep breath and come up with a plan before you pull out an engagement ring.