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Home Upgrades That Help the Planet and Save You Money

Making structural improvements to your home is something that all homeowners strive for. Yet home improvement and environmentalism can go hand in hand for those who are concerned about their impact on the world around them. For many, the process of transforming a home doesn’t register as a sustainability project but rather as something solely aimed at creating additional comfort, peace of mind, and property value. The truth is that many homeowners are helping the planet with their home improvement projects already and have been doing so for many years!

If you’re considering a home upgrade, take these tips on board for a sustainable and responsible project with a lasting impact on the world around you.

Install solar power solutions to reduce your carbon footprint.


Solar power is the clean energy breakthrough that has been getting people excited for years. While solar power collection and usage is nothing new, the means of deploying solar collectors and translating the sun’s energy into stable power to use within your home has come a long way in the modern world.

Today, consumers have the assistance of a variety of companies to help them install and start using solar energy faster than ever before. Firms like GoodLeap offer low-interest solar loans and other critical point-of-sale solutions to homeowners so that they can effectively and immediately reduce their carbon footprint and the cost to light and heat their property in a dramatic fashion. With a solar loan, getting the technology you need for your home is a simple matter that can start saving you money on your bills in no time.

Likewise, as you transition into solar power usage, you cut your reliance on fossil fuels to provide the required energy for your daily tasks. Heating, cooling, cooking, and lighting are all intensive energy users, and by changing to a renewable source for the power necessary, you ensure that you are doing your part for the environment while also providing a sustainable and cost-cutting measure for you and your home in the process.

Add in a home warranty for effective maintenance.


In addition to new solar panels, adding on the best home warranty for your needs is another great way to help yourself while protecting the environment around you as well. Homeowners in the United States and beyond rely on home warranty policies to help defray the costs of homeownership by spreading them out into affordable monthly payments. With a warranty, you can rest easy knowing that repairs and maintenance work is already scheduled and the capital required to finance their ongoing usage is budgeted into your monthly expenses.

The thing about homeownership is that everything costs you time, energy, or money—sometimes all three at the same time. But these often translate into cut corners in other areas. As well, a problem in one part of the home can lead into trouble elsewhere, ultimately affecting your environment as a result. For example, homeowners who are unable to fix or replace a leaky window or aging roof find their energy bills skyrocketing during the winter months. With a warranty plan, a window or old appliance replacement can be attended to quickly and easily, reducing your need to continue pumping extra money and fossil fuels into other components of the home. No one wants to be uncomfortable as the seasons change, and rather than focusing on the culprits of this discomfort, many work to alter the symptoms—often creating additional environmental strain in the process.

By viewing the home as a comprehensive unit and working to incorporate front- and back-end changes that will make a lasting impact, we can all do our part to make the home a more sustainable and enjoyable place to be.