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How Do Maintenance Plans Work?

A maintenance plan is a fantastic option for homeowners looking to reduce their liability when it comes to servicing their home’s essential systems. But maintenance plans do far more than this, and they can be seen across a wide array of industries and social settings.

Organizing a maintenance plan for your home’s AC unit or other systems will help you to keep up a regular schedule of check-ins and services while spreading the cost across the life of your unit. Many people confuse a maintenance service contract with a home warranty plan but these options couldn’t be more different from one another. If you’re a new owner of a home, keep reading to learn about setting up your account with a maintenance service near you.

Warranty vs. Maintenance Plan


A warranty is typically the first thing that homeowners think of when contemplating their service contract needs on air conditioning, pool pump, and home security systems. But a maintenance plan is another contractual service that you should become accustomed to as a homeowner. A warranty gives you access to low or zero-cost repairs or parts replacements, depending on the type of service contract you sign up for. But with a warranty plan, you will still need to pay for check-ins, emergency visits, and other expenses.

With a maintenance plan, your home is scheduled for visits from your dealership’s technicians on a regular basis. These visits are included in the cost of the maintenance plan service and won’t require any additional out of pocket expenses. This makes a maintenance plan the best option for many homeowners who are looking to keep their complex systems working at full capacity without having to pay through the nose for repair and maintenance services.

Repairs are Essential


The truth is that regular servicing on your air conditioning and other home systems is essential to maintaining a comfortable household. Every year (at least) you will need to have your fan blades cleaned, ductwork inspected for tears or fatigue in the material, and a fluids check to make sure that your HVAC system is continuing to operate without incident. These checks aren’t something that the average homeowner can do on their own, and require the help of a professional technician with years of experience and know-how under his or her belt.

Because of this constant need, a maintenance plan is a great way to approach scheduling and paying for these crucial and cyclical services. Rather than calling up your local repair shop once or twice a year, scheduling these service visits in advance with a service plan can spread the cost across a number of months or longer. Plus, having an account will typically give you access to unique discounts on the total price of each of these service visits combined.

Maintenance plans are a building block of weight loss and healthy living.


In addition to their usefulness as a service contract for your home’s systems, the logic of a maintenance plan can help you stay healthy, improve your metabolism, and kickstart a weight loss journey. Many millions of Americans start to lose weight by walking every day and eating just a bit healthier at mealtime.

A workout routine that sees you exercising just beyond your current comfort zone (by gradually increasing your walking speed, daily mileage, or the incline of your brisk pace) is typically thought of as maintenance work in health circles. Walking outside or on a treadmill is a great way to introduce low-intensity fat-burning habits into your daily routine. Paired with a diet that suits your own personal needs, these new healthy living options can reduce your heart rate and make you feel far better as you wake up each day.

Maintenance plans are a great way to prepare for the future without the major expense or hassle of a high-intensity period of financial or workout strain. Preparing for your future needs is always a great idea, and a maintenance plan is the best way to achieve it.