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How To Create Your Own Fashion Magazine

Any diehard fashionista can attest to the universal fantasy of starting your very own fashion magazine. Whether you daydream of being Carrie Bradshaw behind the scenes or a cover girl adorning that glossy first page, it’s common for fans of Vogue, Elle, or Harper’s Bazaar to imagine what it would be like to be part of a fashion magazine.

You might be surprised to learn that this dream is more attainable than most people think. Armed with the tools of a digital age, just about anyone—including you—can create their own fashion magazine with some effort and the desire to make it happen.

Dream up the right content.


You’ve probably thought about your dream fashion magazine already but it’s crucial to make these daydreams a little more specific. For instance, you already know that your magazine will showcase all the latest and greatest fashion trends. But, if you were to publish your first issue at this very moment, what exactly would that include?

Take some time to really imagine that elaborate spread outlining the season’s best studded heels, pumps, sandals, and booties. If you’d like, you can even sketch out a rough idea of what this might look like. At this stage, nothing has to be perfect—you just need to understand what your goal for this magazine is in a tangible sense. You can even spend some time browsing popular brands of women’s shoes, such as Wild Diva, to help you better understand what’s new. Just remember—you can’t just buy new accessories and think your magazine will create itself!

Research the industry.


Once you have a detailed vision of your prospective magazine, you must learn how the industry works, and how you can emulate its standards independently. Naturally, you can’t expect to compete with Conde Nast from the get-go but you can set yourself up for success from early on in the process.

Researching a well-reviewed magazine maker, for instance, can help you learn the ropes of laying out each magazine spread while removing the risk of producing a sub-par product as you first dive in. Learning how to use these design tools is just one element of this part of the process but its one that is arguably the most influential. After all, fashion magazines are inherently visual creations so of course, you want it to look good from the first issue on!

Build a solid plan.


At this stage, you’ve built an understanding of the industry and the tools you’ll need to succeed while envisioning the ways you’ll showcase today’s trends in a way that draws readers in. Next, you’ll need a plan for how you’ll bring your magazine to life. Consider learning more about creating a business plan as a starting point.

While your plans for a fashion magazine won’t line up exactly with the average startup, the standard outlines you’ll come across online will give you an excellent idea of how you should handle the business side of your fashion magazine. Then, you can replicate similar steps to outline your first production process, utilize the tools you’ve discovered, and create your debut issue in print or online.

Get in front of readers.


No matter where you’re publishing your fashion magazine, you must consider the work that goes into marketing it. Look into available distribution channels and research the marketing strategies that are proven to work for magazines.

As readers come across your first and subsequent issues on newsstands, in social media ads, or through friends’ recommendations, they’ll continue exposing your brand to new readers. Over time, with continued effort and consistent improvements, you’ll find that your fashion magazine has surpassed even your wildest dreams.