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Injured In An Accident? How To Manage Unexpected Medical Costs

Between 20 and 50 million people worldwide are injured in motor vehicle accidents annually. In addition to car crashes, workplace accidents, accidental overdoses, sports injuries, and falls injure millions of people.

People injured in an accident may suffer long-term or permanent disabilities. Physical and mental injuries can affect your ability to work, care for yourself and others, and participate in everyday activities. Your need for medical treatment, coupled with the need for time off work, can cause severe financial hardships. If you’re struggling with medical bills due to an injury from an accident, consider these strategies to secure fair compensation to cover the care you need.

Talk to a personal injury lawyer.


Google “accident lawyer in Denver” to locate a reputable personal injury attorney in your area. Personal injury is a field of law that focuses on pursuing fair compensation for people injured in accidents. Whether you were hurt at work or home, in a car accident or a motorcycle accident, you may have grounds for a personal injury case. For example, if a contractor installed handrails in your house but didn’t secure them properly, which caused you to fall, you may have a claim against the contractor. Personal injury attorneys often offer a free consultation, which means you have nothing to lose by discussing your injuries to determine if you have a case.

Personal injury attorneys can help you navigate the process of filing for short-term or long-term disability. They will also fight for you to be reimbursed for medical care and therapy. These lawyers have years of experience and are familiar with all potential forms of compensation that may apply to your situation and will work to ensure you receive the maximum compensation possible.

Use loans to compensate for cash shortages.

Use personal loans to cover your living expenses, medical costs, and personal care costs. You may also need a loan to renovate your home to accommodate your needs after your accident. If you need to use a wheelchair or walker, you may need to install a ramp and add handrails and no-slip flooring throughout your home.

Google “personal loans in Oregon” to identify reputable money lenders and apply for appropriate loans. If you can’t secure a conventional loan because you’re unemployed, you may be able to use your assets to secure a loan. Hard money loans can be secured with a physical asset, such as a house. While banks and other lenders are required to follow a strict process when vetting applications, hard money loans are approved by the lender and do not require credit checks, making it possible to access money quickly.

Find ways to reduce your expenses.

If you have long-term disabilities stemming from your accident, you may need to complete upgrades to sell your property and move to a different location suited to your physical needs. For example, if you need to use a wheelchair or walker, you may need to move from a two-story home to a rancher.

Your injuries may prevent you from caring for your property or using all of its features. You may also find it’s too expensive to retain your property while receiving medical treatment. You can consider selling your property and purchasing or renting something more affordable.

If you opt to sell, you can use Google to locate a storage unit near you. There are self-storage units all over the United States, so you’ll be sure to find an affordable option with easy access and climate control to protect your belongings easily. For instance, searching for “cheap storage units near Houston, TX” will provide plenty of storage unit options new downtown Houston. You can have your belongings put in storage will you get the necessary medical treatment.

This is an affordable way to retain your possessions while you’re in treatment. It also simplifies moving because you will not need to make decisions about what to keep or where to put your possessions. Your property can be packed up and stored until you’re ready to unpack or sell it.

Work with your insurance company and medical providers.


You may be able to reduce your medical expenses with your health insurance. File an appeal if your health insurance denies some or all of your claims. You may also be able to reduce costs with alternate treatments.

Some insurance plans cover specific medications while they do not cover other prescriptions. Communicate with your doctor and therapist to ensure they’re aware of any restrictions in your health coverage so they can explore affordable options. You can also ask for discounts for medical treatment.

If you lose your job due to your accident, you may lose your health insurance coverage. In this case, be sure to pursue state coverage to cover medical expenses. You may also qualify for Medicaid, so look into that option as well.