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The Most Common Home Repairs and Their Estimated Costs

Owning a home means being financially responsible for the monthly mortgage payments, taxes, and utility bills. It also means being on the hook for home repairs when major home systems and home appliances break down. The key to making your appliances and systems last, in the long run, is regular maintenance. No matter how well you maintain your home, you’ll eventually need to bring in professional technicians to repair, replace, and install things.

There are two smart ways you can budget for home repairs. The one percent rule means setting aside one percent of your home’s value for repair and replacement costs. This is a good start, but keep in mind, the age and condition of your home also factor into how much you should set aside. Another effective way to budget is to follow the square-footage rule. This means saving one dollar for each square foot of your home.

Heating and Air Conditioning Repair


Installing a new furnace or air conditioning unit can be expensive, but the initial investment should last up to 15 years. You never want to wait for your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system to break down before having a technician maintain it. The key to making your HVAC system last, in the long run, is regular maintenance. You’ll save a lot of money on new system installation or emergency repair if you ensure the ductwork is debris-free, the vents and air filters are clean, and the condenser coil is functioning properly.

The trained technicians at J & J Mechanical, Inc. have years of experience providing dependable, full-service heating and air conditioning services. They offer new HVAC system installation, furnace and air conditioner repair, furnace and air conditioning replacement, and emergency repairs. The HVAC company also offers an energy audit and reviews your seasonal energy efficiency ratio to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Window Repair


The condition of your windows plays a big role in the energy efficiency of your home. Updating drafty, old windows with new, energy-efficient replacement windows can save you money on your energy bills and improve your home’s value. The number of and type of replacement windows you install affects the cost. On average, new windows cost $350 to $500 each.

A popular theme among homeowners undergoing home improvement projects is reducing the amount of energy their homes consume. Old windows have poor seals that let in air leaks, allowing cool air out and warm in and vice versa. Your HVAC system then works harder to maintain a constant temperature, which puts a strain on your energy bills.

The friendly, skilled contractors at Mad City Windows use quality products and provide award-winning customer service on all remodel projects. They are Green Bay’s first choice contractor for replacement windows, bathroom remodels, and kitchen refacing. Mad City Windows is happy to provide a free estimate, and they offer financing options. Whether you need new windows for better insulation, a new tub conversion, or a kitchen upgrade, working with a reliable contractor who uses quality products is the smart way to invest your money.

Roof Repair


Your roof endures a lot of wear and tear over the years, especially if you live in an area prone to inclement weather. Ceiling stains, leaks, and missing shingles are all signs of roof damage that need to be addressed immediately. The longer you wait to have a contractor assess the condition of your roof, the greater you risk more extensive repair costs. It can cost an average of $300 to $2,000 for roof repairs, and anywhere from $5,000 to $11,000 for roof replacement.

The best way to save on home repair costs is to keep up with regular home maintenance. Budgeting for repairs using the one percent rule or the square footage rule helps ease the financial burden of paying for emergency repairs.