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What Are the Benefits of Buying IPv4?

Anyone in the business world nowadays has to understand the nuances of the internet. Digital media and content creation that is targeted for driving sales is a staple in virtually every industry, but still, many businesses are lagging behind the curve when it comes to owning and managing IPv4 address space on the web.

Understanding how your IP address affects your business mobility might seem like a large and difficult task, but it’s essential to grapple with if you want to continue to build and expand your brand’s presence and market penetration over the long run. Put simply it’s not enough to buy IP address space, you have to pair your media presence with high-value content, network additional pages, and reach out to your target audience on a regular basis. However, IPv4 locations are the beginning of this journey into a more successful future.

How do IP addresses work?


Your IP address doubles as both a location and a name. This makes the commodity a valuable asset for your business, and something that you can’t overlook when working to expand your footprint with new content or a brand new launch. In addition, businesses have to contend with remote access by mobile devices and PCs, making a highly efficient IPv4 address an even greater asset going forward for internet connection with your clients.

Your website’s address functions as a map to its content, but also as a label for the content itself. On top of this, your page’s name and IP address function independently and in overlapping roles for consumers who are looking for your products or services. The IP address — verified by secure services like RIPE, ARIN, or APNIC — that directs to your content is made up of numbered address markers and doubles as the legal name of your site. This means that an IP address connected to a highly trafficked site is worth more than one that sees a trickle of digital visitors every week or month.

In this way, building additional IP spaces that assist in funneling clients to your main domain can be built as short-term marketing channels that can later be sold for a profit once you’ve built up a solid stream of visitors. The IP space is a confounding and wonderfully vibrant marketplace for consumers and service providers to meet and exchange ideas. Taking advantage of this digital ground is essential for powering your business’ future interests.

Bolster your digital brand with support services.


In addition to IP space, you will need the support of other digital services (routers, NAS box hard drives, media servers, LAN networking connection cables, etc.) that make interacting with clients and prospective leads more lucrative and streamlined. A personal NAS is a great way to achieve this. A NAS is essentially a cloud-based storage facility that resides in a locally based physical device. This means that you can build a personal hard drive that functions as a networked server for you and your team. You retain physical control over the asset but can assign access to your devices and those owned by other members who need access to files, documents, images, or account data.

Storing everything on a centralized hard drive that remains on your desk at home or in the office gives you the peace of mind in knowing that your data is secure while also establishing a cloud-based access protocol that makes the information stored within the NAS folders easy to access for those who need and are granted permissions by your network administrator or yourself.

Combining these tools — a highly professional digital domain with a secure and high-quality IP address and in house storage solutions that provide easy access, a low cost, and robust security — is the best way to ensure that your brand will continue to thrive as you begin to explore new opportunities and work to expand your product range or service offerings for your clients.