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What Types of Information Can Be Found in Public Records?

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In the United States, a public record is any document that is made or kept by a government agency in connection with the official business of that agency. These records can be created by federal, state, and local government agencies, as well as by businesses and individuals. There are many different types of records, including birth and death certificates, marriage licenses, property records, and court records. These records can be found in a variety of places, including online, in person, and in print. To find out more information, keep reading below.

The Purpose of Public Records

Public records are maintained by government agencies and contain information about the agency and its activities. The purpose of public records is to provide transparency to the government and its citizens. These records can be used to research the history of an organization, track government spending, or investigate corruption. They can also be used to find contact information for public officials or to obtain copies of official documents. Public records are documents or information that are considered to be part of the public domain. This can include birth certificates, marriage licenses, and death certificates, as well as property records, court records, and voter registration information. Most public records are available for inspection by the general public, although there may be some restrictions on who can access specific types of information. Most states have an online system where people can search public records online. The system will generally allow you to search by name or by case number. In some cases, you may also be able to search by date range or type of record. Some states also allow you to download digital copies of the documents that you find in the online system.

Business Records


Government agencies hold onto a variety of business records, from corporate filings to state and local taxes. The most common type of business record is the corporate filing, which is a document that a company files with the state in which it is incorporated. This document includes the company’s name and address, the name and address of its directors and officers, and the company’s registered agent. Corporate filings may also include information about the company’s officers and shareholders, and information about the company’s debt and liabilities.

Court Records

Court records are one type of record that can be found at the state and federal level. These records include information about criminal cases and civil lawsuits. The files in these records may contain the defendant’s name, the charge against them, the outcome of the case, and more. Court records may also include financial information about the parties involved in a case.

Property Records


Real estate records are another type of record that can be found at all levels of government. These records document all transactions related to real estate property ownership, including sales, mortgages, foreclosures, and more. The documents in these files may include names of buyers and sellers, addresses of properties, purchase prices, and more.

Birth Records

Birth certificates are another type of record that is available at the state level. These certificates contain information about a person’s birth date and location, parents’ names (and other identifying info), and more. Birth certificates may also list any siblings born to the same parents.

Tax Records

Tax records are one of the most commonly requested types of records, and they can be used to research everything from property values to past tax payments. They can also be used to verify the accuracy of other public data.

Public information is an important resource for researchers because they provide a wealth of information about individuals and organizations. The types of information that can be found in public data vary, but can include biographical information, contact information, financial information, and more. Researchers should be aware of the different types of records and how to access them.