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3 Certification Programs That Can Further Your Career

Finding a job in the modern age can be harder than many people realize. No matter what field you’re working in, you’re usually going up against a ton of competition. As more and more individuals enter the workforce, you’re going to need to take extra steps to make yourself stand out. Build a great resume, learn how to network, and hone your interview skills. Another way you can improve your credibility is with unique certifications that fit your chosen field. The more you can beef up your resume with credible certifications, the more opportunities you’ll find become available to you.

So many different fields require specific certifications and credentials for you to excel. Once you figure out your niche industry, you can engage with those specifics in new, focused ways. Stay driven and work to find the easiest path for you to get where you want to go with your career. Plus, the right certifications will help you learn more about your area of study as you get training from experienced professionals. Let’s take a deeper look at just a few certification areas that can make a big difference for your future career.

1. IT Networking Certifications

Software and information technology are the backbones of modern business. No company exists without using the internet to reach customers and collect data. Getting certified in IT can be a tremendous asset as you search for a job within that field or any field that utilizes this technology. A Network+ Certification can help you jumpstart your IT career even if you have zero experience in the field. Rather than calling on experts when something goes awry with your software systems, you’ll have the tools and knowledge to fix things yourself. This certification is vendor-neutral and applies to organizations all across the globe.

Beyond IT work, you can also become certified in specific software programs. Get certified in Adobe so people know you can create PDFs and do your own graphic designs. Make sure you have a mastery of Microsoft products to make spreadsheets and other documents for your various company needs. When you have skills and experience in these specific programs, you’ll be more desirable to a hiring agent or recruiter for a variety of different companies.

2. Health and Safety Certification

No matter what work you’ll be doing, most companies prioritize safety within their offices. Try to find health and safety certifications that will make you appear more desirable. Go through an OSHA certification program to understand the nuances in a number of different business models. Whether you’re working with medical equipment, hazardous waste, or heavy machinery, it will be important that you understand why certain precautions are in place. Take on that role for your new organization as the person who looks out for everyone and makes sure people are staying safe.

There are other basic health and safety certifications that can be helpful in many jobs. CPR training is a big example of this. Whether you’re a teacher working in the classroom or a lifeguard watching a beach full of vacationers, it will be great to know how that CPR skill. These are fairly simple certifications to get, but they can go a long way.

3. Networking and Leadership Credentials

When recruiters look for new employees, they love to see leadership skills. This means you’ll be able to bring new ideas and fresh perspectives to the company. Consider taking a leadership or project management course so you can be officially certified. This will show any potential company that they can trust you and utilize your skills to grow their vision for their own business or organization.