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Great Tools for Your New Supplement Business

Supplements continue to enjoy more demand from an increasingly health-conscious population. As such, it isn’t surprising to see several modern entrepreneurs branching into the wellness industry to launch supplement brands that can make them quickly profitable.

However, like any other business, running a supplement company demands significant time and effort that business owners may not always have. Thankfully, there are numerous tools that you can rely on to help you run your company effectively. Here are some excellent tools worth considering to make running your supplement brand easier.

Business Website


Websites are essential tools for businesses across multiple sectors, including the supplement industry. Your business website lends you quick credibility, which is excellent for new enterprises. Additionally, your company can attract new clients through Google with the right SEO practices, helping you gain customers quickly.

You can also advertise your products on your website using high-quality photography, so potential customers know what they’re getting when they buy from you. Also, potential patrons can quickly contact you via your website if you leave contact information.

Finally, your website is the best place to display your best testimonials and reviews, establishing social proof and helping you gain customers’ trust. Therefore, it isn’t surprising to see several of the supplement industry’s top brands leveraging business websites to their advantage. Leading supplement companies such as Makers Nutrition are great examples of such businesses.

Makers Nutrition are expert dietary supplement manufacturers that produce clients’ private label and custom formulation nutritional supplements using innovative nutraceutical manufacturing equipment. This supplement manufacturer makes your supplements using a wide range of dietary ingredients, including herbs, probiotics, and amino acids.

These dietary supplements also come in various formats, including capsules, powders, softgels, tablets, and gummies. Clients’ dietary supplement products are manufactured in a next-generation manufacturing facility with two laboratories designated for current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) mandated label analysis, raw material testing, and final product quality assurance. Also, this dietary supplement company’s facilities are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

What’s more, this supplement manufacturer offers value-added services to boost product quality and make your supplement brand stand out, helping clients create eye-catching logos and label designs that suit their needs.

Business Phone System

Phone calls remain the popular communication channels between consumers and businesses and employees and co-workers. Consequently, a business phone solution is a great way to equip your help desk to deliver excellent customer service. With a business phone system, you can answer calls and contact clients wherever they’re. Additionally, this system streamlines the process of locating the right person to answer customers’ questions.

Also, you can save time and money, project a professional image, reduce pressure on employees, and grow your customer base using this solution. However, picking a cloud-based system is essential due to scalability reasons. Reliable business phone solutions providers such as Magic Apple can help with this need.

Magic Apple is a Nashville-based company helping small to medium companies grow by providing reliable and feature-rich cloud-based phone systems. Companies need a business phone solution to enjoy features like voicemail, caller ID, hold music, call conferencing, and customer-waiting queues necessary to deliver effective customer service.

Magicapple.com responds quickly to all client issues, and their business phone solution is flexible and reliable enough to handle any situation, ranging from bad weather to a global pandemic. Furthermore, they are trusted by some of Nashville’s leading companies, including WebMD and KOA.

Cybersecurity Tools

Cybersecurity has emerged as a significant concern for modern-day entrepreneurs since hackers love targeting businesses. These cybercriminals direct cyber-attacks towards businesses to compromise their network data or access sensitive data without authorization. Since you handle client data, credit card details, and other personal information, preventing a data breach is prudent for various reasons. Firstly, you inspire customer confidence by investing in cybersecurity tools since clients are assured that their personal data is safe.

Also, these tools protect your business and employees from ransomware, increase your productivity and prevent your website from crashing. Effective corporate security tools providers such as LifeRaft can offer more insights into some of the popular types of attacks that scammers direct towards businesses and how to circumvent them.

LifeRaft’s Navigator platform is a powerful corporate security tool that identifies, analyzes, and validates potential threats to your business property, workers, and operations. Their website offers helpful articles to enterprises on essential corporate security tips, like the various social engineering techniques and how to avoid being a victim. Social engineering schemes rely heavily on the human element for success. Therefore, all types of social engineering tactics aim to trick unsuspecting users into divulging sensitive data. Phishing scams are the most widespread form of social engineering attacks. Social engineers recreate a renowned company’s support page or website and send their targets the links via social media or email.

These phishing attacks are intended to make you compromise personal data like your credit card information or social security number. Luckily, you can avoid a phishing email attack by opening emails from trusted sources only. Baiting is another famous social engineering attack, where various download links containing malware are shown to random users hoping someone would click. You can avoid baiting by exiting your browser to prevent any pop-ups.

Generally, enterprises can avoid many of these social engineering attacks through proper security awareness training, so invest in regular training for your employees to protect your company from being a victim of social engineering techniques.

Social Media Management Tools

A social media automation tool is necessary as a supplement brand since social media marketing will likely be your primary method of promoting your company. A great social media management tool helps you keep up with social engagement, manage multiple social pages, and handle customer relationships, so it’s worth considering as a new business.

Also, consider investing in a cargo management system for your company’s pickup truck to keep your products from shifting about during distributions and deliveries. This system must allow you to convert your truck bed for any use quickly and lock it in place well, whether under your tonneau cover or to your tailgate’s end, so keep this in mind when seeking a quality cargo box.

Running your supplement business can be more convenient with the right tools. The points above are great examples of solutions you can rely on to help you manage your new supplement business effectively.